Burera: Residents tasked to tackle gully erosion as Volcanoes Region’s Floods Management project launched

Kagarama residents have been tasked to tackle gully erosions by protecting activities in repaired gullies as their headward erosions cause severe damages including agricultural lands and soil loss.

Adressing Kagarama Sector residents, in Burera District, during the monthly community work launching the ‘Floods Management in Volcanoes Region’ project,  the Minister of Environment Dr. Jeanne d’ Arc Mujawamariya revealed that gully erosions affect the society development.

“We should co-operatively tackle the gully erosion as it is a big challenge to the way of speeding up our society development. It primary damages our agricultural lands and leads to loss of lives,”

“Gullies represent an important sediment source in a range of environments. We have to plant trees and grasses on them and assure that we protect those activities as they help us get better economic yields,” Dr. Mujawamariya says.

According to the Minister, this gullies’ protection related project is also a golden opportunity for citizens as it will create jobs for them.

The community work has featured the Minister of Environment Dr.  Jeanne d’ Arc Mujawamariya, Governor of the Northern Province, Jean Marie Vianney Gatabazi, DG/RWFA Prime Nganziza, Mayors and different institutions’ representatives. It was tended for preps of the site for project such reshaping the water channel and plantation of some trees in the buffer zone.

The storm water, from the volcano regions, has currently continued to be the cause of severe floods that are frequently observed in the districts of Burera, Musanze, Nyabihu and Rubavu where 22 gullies have been identified including 11 in Burera, 8 in Musanze, 2 in Nyabihu and 1 in Rubavu Districts.

The Ministry of Environment and its implementing agency of Rwanda Water and forestry Authority (RWFA) designed a six- year project of ‘Floods Management in Volcanoes Region’.

The project is anticipated to prevent and mitigate flood damages in Volcano Areas, implement Ecosystem and Nature-Based Approaches for Managing Flood Risk whereas its implementation process will be done in four phases kicking off with the four prioritized gullies.

Those gullies include two identified in Burera District in Muhabura-Mbandana and Nyarubande and the other two in Musanze District in Muhe and Susa.

Citizens speak out

Marie Claire Uwambaje, who resides in Rugarama, has said that the project will create jobs for unemployed youth. The mother of three adds that her land was moved away by gully erosions for several times, but she hopes the project is to help them for its protection and get more production from it.